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About Vampire Penguin Society
We are a casual gaming guild (EST. 1-14-2006). Basically this means that we are a group of people that have prior commitments in our lives and cannot adhere to a strict raiding schedule but still wish to experience everything the game has to offer. We have enough players and alliances with other guilds to make you feel like you're in a big guild but without the pressure and strict schedules of a big raiding guild. Our current roster includes all level ranges but don’t be upset if you can’t get a 80 to “run you through” an instance or quests. Even our 80’s have to PUG from time to time – it’s just the nature of the game. If a 80 agrees to 'run you through' that's great. But please don't assume he HAS to do so :-). Our average age range is approx 25-35 with a few above and below that range. This is not to say that we're only interested in people out of that range but above all we look at maturity and the ability to work as a team. We play around a lot but we always like to maintain respect. We're not politically correct by any stretch of imagination but hateful language and comments of any kind will not be tolerated. We are not looking for the glory hounds of the server, we do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone with "phat loots" and bosses killed - it is not our style. With that being said, we are all for getting the best toys for our members & killing bosses, dragons, etc. and obtaining these goals as a guild for our own personal accomplishments. But most of all we’re here to hang out and have fun together.
B'Day - Dimetriah
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